The Refund, and Exchange!

Do you exchange your time, but sometimes think that it’s a waste of time? There is a pay back, there will be a Refund; your reward comes through your faithfulness. Do you have a heart to serve, but feel that it doesn’t matter how much you give; others are just not satisfied? Be patient, keep the faith; you’re doing a good service, you’re sure to get a Refund. Take delight in everything you do, Christ has already paid the price; the purchased was our salvation. With every act of kindness, with every love exchange; a Refund is guaranteed!

Never make it about give to get, exchange that bankrupt mindset. Exchange that way of thinking, ask Jesus for a brand new heart in return. No need to negotiate, just trade your sorrow for joy. People these days, are so quick to get into heated exchanges. What ever happened to civil conversations, respectful dialogues? Talk is truly cheap, if not embedded; within true meaningful discussions. Everything doesn’t have to be a debate, an argument; that just ends up, in verbal altercations!

Your heart will be paid back in full, do the exchange; give, and it shall be given. Even if they choose to repay evil for good, full reimbursement; shall truly be your portion. This is not about being compensated, but how to put a genuine love on display; as a way to demonstrate, the wonderful love of Christ. Don’t subscribe to the norm, that the sum total of a gracious heart; is a heart only looking for a return. Reject the notion, that you are entitled; instead insist, that life isn’t all doom and gloom!

Maintain a good posture, but don’t puff up your chest. Enter every situation with a joyous spirit, at the end; there shall surely get a Refund. It doesn’t matter about your background; be respectful, and we can all get along. You don’t have to know how to speak the same language, to truly have a wonderful exchange. Peace and Love for one another, a truly wonderful commodity; that is interchangeable. God will give you a complete Refund, for all that was stolen; because you were willing to give your heart, in Exchange!


36 thoughts on “The Refund, and Exchange!

  1. Wonderfully written my brother! Time waits on no one, maximize each moment.
    Lovely piece, Beautifully written
    On another note 📝… Congratulations!!!💜💜💜
    I have nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out the link on my Blog.
    InHisCare 🙏

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