The bright morning star, brightest star in the heavens; babe in a manger, Jesus. Your love, the song the angels sang. The song my heart now sings, Your love; forever my song. You are so beautiful, Your love has truly been my everything; to me You are, so beautiful. So how, how can my heart say this, how can my soul ever explain this; how do I truly explain, Beautiful?

Your name, lets start there; beautiful. Your love, stunning, breathtaking; yes, beautiful. Your heart, to fathom would surely be beyond beautiful. Your presence, just a mere glimpse into Your love; so absolutely beautiful. The love that truly warms my heart, when a wintery frost; seems to be the coldness within my soul. The pep within my springtime, Your love my bright sunshine. The purest love, that my soul has forever come to know. More than a gorgeous summers day, more satisfying than a wonderful autumn breeze. Season after season, beautiful; is still just the start!

So how, how could my heart explain; how do I justify how beautiful? For a love so dear to my heart, the dearest to ever touch my soul; dearer to me, than everything. So how, how can my heart not help but to feel; it was the fall, in love. With a love so so beautiful; the absolute greatest love, my heart will ever know. Jesus, Your love moves within my heart; And It’s So Beautiful!


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