A flood was coming, my heart seemed ready; but ready meant expecting, that the water was restrained. I couldn’t stop it, a tidal wave of emotions; was about to crash against my heart, so I shut the door. But where could my heart truly hide, my soul wasn’t yet ready; to be swept away. A tsunami like emotion, wanted to flood my soul. My heart, tried to satisfy the overwhelming feelings; with just a peep through the window of my soul. But the bottled up emotions, the dam; unrestrained!

There was a resistance, my heart wouldn’t let go of my soul. My heart thought it was all under control, trying to keep my soul in check; but it could not restrain, being overwhelmed. My heart couldn’t hold back, could no longer suppress; the struggle, could not contain. The water burst through the weakened barrier; with it, came the rain. My soul was drenched, my heart poured out. My heartstrings, tethered to a love; the rain, a display of my affection. So much love filled my soul, but it was exactly what my heart needed; to help ease the rain, until the water receded!

Through all the struggles, this one thing my soul has always known. My heart, Your love; forever meant to be. The more of Your love that floods, the more of You my heart is still left wanting. My heart is captivated, so much in love; my soul will never get enough of Your love. Overwhelmed by just the thought; heart and soul. So the rest of my days, will be spent in pursuit; I’m after Your heart. The rains came, my heart swept away; my soul flooded, with an overwhelming love. A heart now left forever submerged, but no longer, Restrained!


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