Your Love, Has My Heart!

The English dictionary can explain love, but it will never be able to adequately explain; my love. Sure, I can write with passion, make the words sound eloquent; but one thing they will never be, just pretty words. Yes, sometimes I can truly show you a bit more affection; just know this, your love has my complete attention. I’m not scared to admit, that my love is far from perfect. The flaws are what makes my heart, cling to the love within God’s perfection. The busyness of the day, can sometimes become the talk of the town. Even though a silent river runs deep, it can still get lost within the current; but the ripples, will forever embrace your love!

There are differences between what a woman sees to be true affection, and what this man believes to be apparent; he’s absolutely not finished, giving you his unweaving love. My love is unstoppable, but sometimes it’s your heart; that gets left behind. When we met, I knew you were the woman for me. My heart was forever captured by your smile, by how loving and funny. The beauty, not just head to toe; but what I saw deep inside. The complete package, That’s What You Are! When I saw you on our wedding day, my heart was truly finished searching. I had found what I was waiting for, a love to truly call my own!

We were from different worlds, but the gravitational pull of your love; the light within, the beauty that still leaves my heart breathless. Babe, come search deep within my heart. You will find your love, locked securely within my soul. I may not be all that I want to be, I just hope some day; to be all that your heart needs me to be. You are completely what I want, I will never stop loving you; anytime soon. Within this silent river, your love runs through the depths. A deeply buried treasure, that I want to find again and again. There is only one way that I will ever stop loving you. The day my heart, cease to be no more. So, whenever it may not seem so, just please know this; Your Love, Has My Heart!


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