I can run circles, I want to run circles around Your heart; with my one heart, wrapped completely around Your love. My heart is willing, absolutely willing and ready. To let Your love, curve my opinion; break my heart, for what breaks Yours. The circles around my eyes, are not from lack of sleep; but a heart wide awake. Up Asking his own heart questions, Seeking; what forever gave the answer. To be closer to the true heart of love, you must forever Knock; on the heart of the One, who holds the circle of life!

The circular object on my hand, means much more; than just a piece of gold around the finger. It should forever symbolise, a heart truly committed. A heart choosing not to just commit, but be truly devoted; to a forever love. You live, you die, but within the circle; you discover the true meaning of love. This one thing have I discovered, the love within my heart; will never die. My heart was created, predestined; to be forever, forever Yours. Your love, my heart; has come full circle. The place where my love starts, is the same place where Your love begins; the center of my heart!

I once was a child, but it’s Your love; that has turned me into a man. A man no longer content, play ring around the roses. A man trying to truly wear his heart on his sleeve, and despite the noticeable ring around the collar. Loving You, will never be a dirty word; within my heart. Your love is the ring, the love I wear around my heart; the love forever married to my soul. The wheels on the bus goes round and round… in circles. Your love has my heart spinning… in circles, but it’s my love; that will forever revolve around Your heart!

So please forgive me, if my mind starts circling the wagon. Your love truly speaks into my heart, but sometimes the mind; gets lost within the busyness of the day. Wax on, wax off; can teach a heart how to move in a true circular motion. But it Your love, that has changed the direction of my heart; it’s moving deeper. So therefore, how could Your love; ever wax cold. Your love is the light, the candle that will forever burn bright. A precious love, the love encompassing; the love around, within, hovering. The circumference of my heart, that’s what it; Circles!


15 thoughts on “Circles!

  1. Beautifully written, a love expressed so sincerely in the Circles ⭕️ of Love. Your lines Gold Wedding Band symbolism is spoke volumes-powerful –
    the band is an unbroken, unending love, a lifetime
    Gold- Purity which comes from being refined in fire.
    Band together

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