The Place!

It’s always present, but for so long; never seen. It forever stays in one place, but it’s the stillness of Your presence; what is forever moving me. It feels so close to You, but so distant at times. Your love makes it jumps for joy, but the silence; used to be the place, the forever embrace. Your love has captivated my being, but does my love even come close; knowing how to move Your heart? From this place I cry out to You, but struggled for so so long; just trying to be heard. Your love makes it stronger, but sometimes still so broken. Does the rhythm ever get You to move, or does the erratic beat; keep Your love wondering? I feel You, but the real question; are You feeling me?

Here is my heart, make me an instrument; but not to be played with. The beat is steady, may it connect with You; on a higher, a deeper level. Your love has unlocked the song within, let my soul forever sing; sing of Your amazing love. May it be a sweet melody, an everlasting love song. Let my heart, and Your love sing forever; in a true love harmony. Your love has touched the right key, Your love is forever the song. So come, come and be center stage. Within the place, the place reserved; for You, and Your love alone. Make it a home, a home within the deepest part of my soul. Right here, right now; forever within my open heart!


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