He is faithful, He is our faithful father. His love is the truth, the light; the love shining within the darkness. His love is the only firm foundation, on what my anchor holds; all others, His love removed. The storms of life may collide, and the battles may be fierce. What anchors my soul, His love; my heart holds on to every word. We fight battles, yes; but we have Emmanuel (God with us). Jesus our defender, His love; already won the war, He’s never lost a battle. The same power, that crushed the enemy. That same power, lives within us. A love that moves, who are you mountain; when there’s a faith that moves?

Hell was overpowered, death no longer has a sting. The grave, conquered by the Savior; the risen King. We too can now overcome, if we let the light shine. Shine forever, like the Risen Son. So rise up each day, be unafraid; to shine bright. Then do it again, ten thousand times. Let your fear rise above the waves, rise even within brokenness. You can rise out of the ashes, beauty for ashes; what a beautiful exchange. Just breathe, within every new day. Within a love risen, a love forever glorified. Let the doubts, be just shadows; you no longer fear!

Victory is here, victory belongs to Jesus. Victory is ours; here, now. So therefore I anchor my Hallelujah. A love that deserves my best, my life, my song. My every breath, my everything; my all; nothing less. So clap your hands, give a great shout; what’s your Jericho. Shout with the voice of triumph, forever with the sound of jubilee; let your heart sing. Let the world hear, let the humanity see; hope lives in you. Shine, let the light within shine. Let the darkness know, the light lives within. Jesus is alive, resurrection power; is alive in you. And at the very end, at the end of days; we win, Whoo!


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