The Life Guard!

The journey, the destination; Deeper. A heart looking to take a deeper dive, a faith walk; into the deep. A soul that needs to go deeper, to be risen; with a better understanding, a greater faith. A journey more than just skin deep, the flesh gives way; it’s a journey of the soul. A heart immersed within a stronger belief, a stronger truth, a deeper faith; in a love worth finding. Standing on the shore, the place where a heart can never go deeper. So therefore, step off the sure; step out into the deep. Stepping out, walking on; how a heart goes deeper!

Cast your burdens, cast away… sink or swim; go deeper. Vertical, it’s not about keeping your head above water; but the faith to step out… of your comfort zone, to discover a depth. Keep your eyes fixed, focus your heart; steady your soul. From the doubts, unbelief; fear not. Put your heart, your trust; in the life guard. The guardian of life, the watcher over your soul. Let your heart get swept away, let your heart go deeper. Going deeper, requires your every breath. A soul submerged, but alive; in a love that leave the heart breathless!

A soul caught up within the undertow, finding a deeper emotion; and a faith Implicit. A love that moved by faith, from being below the surface of the heart; into the depth of your soul. A soul drowning, but a heart forever set free; to live unapologetic. Shallow breathing, a mind being renewed. A soul yearning, gasping for air; needing the breath of life. A soul absolutely breathless, within a deeper breadth of love. A heart learning how to breathe deeply, letting the love breathe deep within. A love impressed upon the heart, a soul that wants to breathe deeper; but a heart, forever left in awe. The Life Guard, the giver of life, the rescuer of souls; giving the heart and soul, new breadth!

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