What, oh what can I truly say; when there’s so much beauty, in ashes. A soul on fire, a heart totally consumed; the beauty, in ashes. I have not yet attained, but this one thing I do; move towards the consuming fire. To live is life, but to die; to live forever in love, such gain. In this life we will have trouble, but we still take heart; for there’s beauty, in the ashes. But only if we look past the blowing smoke, to see the love within. Not with blinded eyes, but a heart wide open. How a soul learns to truly see clearly, after the rain is gone. Don’t focus on the residue, that falls from the eyes. But the true substance that moves, the love that surrounds; the presence that forever hovers!

Let the love burn deep within, how a heart truly knows. That it can truly rise again, from the ashes. Don’t let the fire burn out, don’t ever let the love go to waste. Don’t leave your hope in ruins, don’t ever let your faith be destroyed. Until all that forever remains, the burnt out ashes; a soul without the faith to rise. Every day is a test, not if you can walk on hot coals. It’s a test of your faith, not mind over matter. Real faith, that will test the heart and soul. Can you see, can you recognize true beauty within; and beyond the fallen ashes? There’s a new flame, it comes from flickers of hope. A spark, from a heart truly ready to ignite; through the faith within. That’s how a soul knows, to rise again, and again. New life breathed in, a renewed hope breathed out. A truly stronger faith; beauty, for Ashes!

I’ve been in the ashes, more times than I should have; but yet, I rise. Even if it seems like dreams are going up in smoke, there’s still beauty; within the flames. Thou it billows, when the dust settles; arise from the ashes. Rise up like a Phoenix, rise up like the dawn. Rise above brokenness, rise like an eagle; upon the wings of hope. See all the beauty, through the lens of a faithful heart. A heart that knows, what it truly is to see; beyond just the horizon. A soul reborn, forever set free; to soar even higher. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; thou the body will decay one day, to ashes. Yet the soul, shall forever rise above. With amazing gracefulness, in all the beauty that lies within; that’s what comes out, of Ashes!

24 thoughts on “Ashes!

  1. Reminds me of the circumcision of the heart that we read about. The ashes are the dead things taken away and the heart is pure. There’s a pure fire in that heart!

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  2. Such novelty in your thoughts here.. beauty in ashes, gaining love till eternity from death, rising up of the Phoenix.. an unique piece.. thank you for such a share.. 👍🏼😇👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼…

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  3. I’ve been in the ashes too, and this post reminded me of the amazing love of God that can heal our brokenness and transform our life.

    “Rise up like a Phoenix, rise up like the dawn. Rise above brokenness, rise like an eagle; upon the wings of hope.”

    Thank you for these beautiful and encouraging words!

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