The Indicator!

Do you indicate left, right; I indicate up. Vertical the direction, the journey to forever; the destination, deeper. Ready, set, go… beyond trends. Set your own path, make your own mark. An outer marker, may indicate your position to others; but only what you allow them to see. But it can never truly indicate; the true position of your heart? Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern, no need to be beholden to the status quo; a trend the heart struggles to defend!

Take your soul to the next level, let your heart be a clear indication; of the true you. A true indication, will never be about affluence; but the measure, of what it can influence? If someone was to gauge your heart, would it reflect hot, or cold? A broken barometer, will never indicate true change. It’s never about feelings, that can change like the wind. Blow a mind, not with the warm, the fuzzy; the unclear. Check the functionality of your internal compass, does it identify; the true positioning of your heart? To what guides, not what controls. Set a mark, but don’t lose sight of the signs; hidden intersections, are crucial crossroads!

Love, respect; true benchmarks for sure. But also know how to search deep within, know your true point of reference; are you a made man, or a man made? Men and Women, have been tailor made; to be a beacon of hope, to a heart in need. It’s not about performance. So many performances, seem just an act… one, but seen too… often; just a show. When the acting is over, you still have to show; what you’re truly made of. There needs to be the light, through a lens; with real action. What should be forever seen, the love within. For that is the true Indicator, of a truly compassionate heart!

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