Stronger and Stronger, Your love is Growing, Growing; Bigger and Bigger, Better and Better. It’s absolutely Glowing, Glowing, getting even Brighter and Brighter; within my soul. Won’t You serve it to my heart, Greater and Greater. Until my heart unequivocally knows; Your love will forever be more than my, equal Portion Portion. Your love is a true Blessing, Blessing. That’s absolutely Working, Working; in my Favor, Favor. My heart now has so much Meaning, Meaning. I absolutely Mean It, Mean It. This love is absolutely Worth It, Worth It; this life is now truly worth Living, Living. Your love makes my heart, Better, Better; iRepeat, Stronger Stronger!

Maybe, Maybe, I’m just not Seeing Seeing; just can’t see it any other way. So how can I help but to be so very Grateful Grateful? So Therefore Therefore, I’m going to let Your love Echo Echo. Absolutely echo Stronger and Stronger, throughout my heart and Soul, Soul. It might seem to others, that I’m absolutely Crazy Crazy; just because iRepeat myself? But the truth is, there is No Me, No Me; no meaning without You. It’s about to start Again, Again, even just the Thinking Thinking; starts the tears Flowing Flowing. So let me stop Right There, Right There. Even though I can keep Going, Going, with this for Ever, and Ever. The passion that I have, the passion within all that I need. Abba, there is no Passion Passion; without You. I want the love to get Stronger and Stronger; yes this, iRepeat!


26 thoughts on “iRepeat!

  1. Your devotion to God is beautiful and I always feel blessed by reading your dedications to Him.

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