Life; the journey. To some it’s all about moving on up, to the east side. Some like to call their life, a west side story; but still a journey, every heart needs to take. Every One wants to get to the top of the mountain, but along the way; there are valleys. Where the heart of a warrior needs to come alive, to slay a Goliath. Life is taken One day at a time, One step at a time. A press through, a push pass; the shadows. Pressing on… the upward way, should forever be One direction; vertical. The journey can never be taken lying down, you have to take a stand; every day. You may only get, that One moment… in time. Yes, some days it’s One step forward, only to do the two step; trying to avoid the past. Some days the walk is a long winding road, some days the path is paved; but every day, choose to still enjoy the journey!

We only get One life, we live, we breathe; as we try to enjoy every moment. So, live it; One heartbeat at a time. One heart, One mind, One soul; it’s One place, within. Life is short, and we only get One story to tell; live it well. Let your heart dream, as far as the east is from the west. Everyday count your blessings, don’t just stop on the Number One. We all get more than just One day, every single day we get; is a true blessing. So therefore, let’s live as One; let’s truly be as One. Let the passion be for One another. Let it be unbridled… compassion; not just uncontrolled ambitions… for self. This I write, not just to encourage; but to inspire… all to truly represent, The One, who holds our tomorrow!


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