Love; The Reveal!

Standing at the edge of the sunset, a heart locked within a gaze. Captivated by a light, that shimmers. The stars you hoped to see, hidden; a darkness overwhelms. All that can be seen, shadows; of what was. You look for a glimmer of hope, a search for; but the hope you seek, not in the stars. So now it’s lost, in a gaze. Lost within the moment, a heart captured; by reflections. A mood starts to hover, the moonlight very revealing. A heart eclipses by a love, a light that out shines the dark. Love revealed, a beauty that takes your every breath. A breathtaking moment, for a heart in need; a silent prayer. Hope, within the darkness; peace, within the stillness of your soul. A heart overwhelmed by feelings, embraced by the emotions. A soul eclipsed, having an emotional moment; it’s Love, the reveal!

But then the dam, the burst; a heart completely overwhelmed. A heart unrestrained, a soul trying not to get swept away. The desperation, trying to hold back; trying to contain. But strong are the feeling, a soul getting drenched; the rain, is falling. A tethered hope, means faith in; a silent prayer raised. Sleeping, doesn’t always mean resting; when a restless soul comes between. Even in the darkness, the silence still reveals; the rhythm of every heartbeat. As the darkness is rolled back, as a new day cast away the darkness; revealing, the sun does rise. Love is a light, it brings true witness. A heart gets strengthened, within the resolve, within the know. A restless soul, is still a heart dreaming; for a new dawn. To show forth the light, the warmth, the closeness. Love; the Reveal, to a soul in need!


17 thoughts on “Love; The Reveal!

    1. Sometimes we forget what we read, but it’s hard to forget what you see. Hence, why God is using my heart to share His love in two ways! No worries, Stuart. You do you, your heart is always welcomed! Blessings!

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