The Walk!

The walk, a walk; call it what you may, but it’s never alone. It’s a road, a path, the highway; going up yonder. Sometimes the street is unpaved, the path a bit crooked; but it’s about the destination. It’s not a sprint, it’s not even a marathon; it’s a journey, a walk. I can take a thousand steps, but one thing I’m still trying to do; walk a mile. No matter how hard the road we walk, it’s always one foot in front of the other. One step at a time, gets you to the streets of gold. If it feels like you carry the world, if your soul is getting weary; find rest; under the tree of life. Mercy, what goes before you; Grace, what keeps you!

Left, right, left, right; it’s not about being militant. It’s not about counting steps, count your blessings. Don’t fall into a legalism pothole. Let your heart be at peace with the journey, let your soul be unashamed with the walk. Be unapologetic, about the choice; to be faithful. Whenever I get weary, I retreat to my hiding place. I run under the canopy, a love that covers; a shelter, within the storm. Every day is a test, along the journey there are lots of trials. The key, be forever steadfast; know how to truly get through, it’s not on your own!

When my love starts to stray, a change of heart; means a change of direction. Whenever I lose hope, I stop to listen; faith comes by hearing, but in the stillness. So therefore, guard your heart; don’t let it be led astray. Run the race, pressing toward the prize; just remember, to walk by faith. Don’t let the journey get your heart into a tailspin, over all the long winding roads. Be not troubled, by all the unpaved streets. Don’t just rely on sight, it only gets in the way. You don’t always have to see the how… you get there. You just need to know Who, makes crooked paths straight; in The Walk!


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