Most people think, freedom is a road. I believe, true freedom is a path; that a heart needs to follow. We all have the freedom to act, but does your heart… know it has the power to choose? Right, wrong; one a path, the other a road… with so much hash marks. Lines, put there to remind you; change your position… as much as you want. #But There’s Still Lines, some not to be crossed. Why a heart can never truly be free, if the road is paved by another; but the path never their own. They say we all have the freedom to speak… our minds. But the moment you choose to say what’s on your heart, you’re once again reminded; “freedom is a nice word, but not always a choice… we get to make!” A word that means no hindrance, but still a word, that can forever restrain a heart. True freedom is not just about independence. Freedom is also about a true dependence, but Only when God is the source!

I’m not saying you have to believe me, just saying; you have the freedom… to choose. Freedom is not just seeking liberty, but being truly liberated; a release from what keeps the heart bound. We have freedom of expression, but it’s God’s love; that is the champion of true freedom. Freedom is when the heart is allowed breathing space, but the question is. What freedom does a heart choose, to be it’s every breath? A self-determination, but still with self removed from the evaluation. A soul not letting self, just be the determining factor. But also letting the heart, help determine the true destiny. Down a road, or on a path? True freedom, God’s love in control… of destination!


29 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. How interesting it is that this morning in our men’s group at work I used similar terms about being on a smooth road with one’s walk with faith or a bumpy path leading to a smoother road. And here you are using similar terms. I guess I’m being lead to write something about. We shall see. Nicely done, WCR…

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