iTreat; Harley!

I once met a man named Harley,

he descended from the prestigious line of Davidson’s. Harley was rough around the edges, but when Harley graced you with his presence, you could see that Harley was top notch. The riveted exterior, was sure to catch your eye. Harley, was one of those so called; “bad boys.” People seemed to just gravitate, to Harley’s magnetism and charm. People would come in droves, just so they could say; we’re associated with the Harley family. So many have come, trying to dethrone Harley… from his pedestal, but to no avail. They would just end up peddling away, no BMX bike… could ever beat a Harley. Go ahead, Tour de France; do a little sightseeing. Check out the Tower, after you’ve had an Eye… Full; Harley will still be head and shoulder above the rest. Take a number, lean back and enjoy the show; it won’t be a competition. Just another show… off, looking for fifteen minutes of fame!

When the peddle collides with the medal, and while you’re still admiring the chrome. A sight you shall surely see, as Harley leaves you in the dust… off another trophy. For to this day, Harley has established himself; as The premier bad boy. Yes, Harley of the Davidson clan; you are such a road hog. But the plain and simple truth; “who can ever deny you this privilege?” You are a chopper, and over the years you have sent the competition… to the chop shop. You are too much of a class act, to ever make it be all about the streets. Harley is not hood, but can dust up; throw down with the best of them. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; Harley you kill dem with it. Harley, you have more than earned your status, and rightly so. Vroom Vroom, Harley; you’re definitely a force… to be reckoned with!

I wrote this four years ago for my own amusement, but thought I would share it; I call it a iTreat, something different. Every so often I will share some of my interesting observations. I don’t own, or have any desire to ride a motorcycle. When I was a kid, Harley’s were interesting bikes; this is my take on the story. Below also is a quote, on a picture that can be saved. The tag theme is Happiness; picked by Renee @ Heart Tokens!


30 thoughts on “iTreat; Harley!

  1. My dad was a Harley guy. I respect them for that. But if I ever had a motorcycle, it’s probably be anything other than a Harley…

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  2. That was a really cool i-treat!!Motorcycles are cool, but I’m like you—no desire to own or ride. My oldest brother took me on a ride once on his motorcycle, when I was around 12–I have never gotten back on one since! Scared the daylights out of me!😱
    I truly loved the pic quote! You managed to add both Happiness and Joy in there! Thank you for this! I saved it to my phone! I really needed that message today! Thank you brother! Great job!👏🙌

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  3. I love Harley’s , yet I never drove one, or owned a Harley. One of my favorite books was titled God on a Harley. I think I fell in love with the reputation of the machine. It’s a classic. Maybe one day, I’ll own and drive one. We shall see. Excellent post!

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  4. This takes me back to when I was younger and I admired motorcycles! I still do and if I can ride one now, it’s going to be that Ninja ZX-6R or the H2!

    Thank you for this piece, Warren! 😃

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