Bottled Love!

iThirst, a heart always in need, a soul forever parched. A never quench, a fire burns deep within. Trying to talk, is a dry mouth; it’s my heart… that has so much to say. Just thinking about the love, is never a dryness of the eyes; the love flows. Just a sip on this love, so refreshing. I will forever bottle this love, but never within a plastic smile. No more bottled up emotions, my heart will express the depth. With my two lips, will I forever tell of the goodness; how this love is so so good. To show how deep goes the well… within my soul. Whenever my heart is in need, whenever my soul feels like a desert; it’s another drink from the well!

Oh my soul, will never offer a watered down version of my heart. The purest of love, will forever be the offering. An overflow, a forever spring; the love runs deep, within a silent river. Half empty, or the glass half full. The proverbial, is just a rhetorical; for a heart in need… of just a single drop. I’m not talking about drinking, this is about a thirsting. For a love so refined, a love so pure; sealed in an everlasting promise. The water will flow, my heart will forever be full; from the constant overflow. There’s an essence that flows, the fire within; helps to distill my soul. Nothing missing, within a heart absolutely speechless. Just trying to articulate; this breathless love. iThirst, a heart forever in need. This love is water, my Bottled Love; what I want to share… from the heart!


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