Whenever you hurt someone you love, all in the name of love; “they call it a crime of passion.” Whenever you take that which is not yours, just because your heart has a want. Even though there’s absolutely no need; “they call it stealing.” When you do something, without thinking of the consequences; “they call you reckless!” All these acts, describe the actions of a heart; “called a desperado.” No one truly thinks of themselves as this, but yet the question is this; “shouldn’t we at times, be a bit desperate?” I never want to be known as a desperado, but yet I must admit. My heart has been known, to display characteristics like these. No need to get it twisted, this is not about doing what’s wrong; but being desperate to do what’s right!

There has been many times, when my actions have hurt the one I love. Even though it was all, in the name of love. My only crime, the passion within my heart; being absolutely desperate. There were times, when my heart has pushed love away. When my heart, should have held your love closer. Even though I can never take, that which you freely give. If truth be told, if given the chance. My heart being absolutely desperate, wouldn’t hesitate to look you straight in the heart. And steal… moments with your love, again and again. Some might say, that’s a heart out of control. But what can I truly say, when your love just blows my mind; makes my heart act so reckless. They can call it what they will, I say it’s crazy… in love!

A Desperado, what my heart is not. Forever Desperate, what my soul will always be. The passion, that will never be a crime. For a heart that will never stop wanting, a soul that will never stop needing. A love, worth more than all the riches in the world. A love that will test the heart, to see if deep down; if the soul is just an outlaw? A mind held hostage, in an undisciplined heart. Some hearts act like their an secret agent, forever in disguise. A soul thinking that you have to hide, your true identity. Just so, the thief doesn’t get a chance; to steal your joy. But no villain, can take what was freely given. The thief already knows, Who paid the price? How can a thief make a true withdrawal, without first making the deposit… of love. Why whenever the desperado, comes to take that what is not his. He always finds out the same thing, again and again. “There’s more to this hombre, than meets the eye!”


36 thoughts on “Desperado!

  1. I can relate to this very much. I too am a passionate and loving person with a tendency to behave as you have described here, as a desperado. I can accept this about myself. I have learned many lessons through my acts of my soul’s desperation for another. In the end it’s all worth it. Thank you for sharing.

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