Deep In!

Sometimes it’s deep in thought, but yet at the same time; it should never be, as a mind thinketh. I am a thinker, will never consider myself an intellect. For wisdom is learned, true knowledge manifested. When the thoughts are of a higher learning, steeped within a Divine intervention. Many believe their hearts to be deep, but still can’t seem to wrap their mind; around that which is truly profound. It’s okay to be deep in, but if the mind is what foremost rules? The heart will never be the true influence, for what governs the thought process. So many think… that it’s always a bad thing, for a heart to be lost. The question is, what’s it lost in; and what has captured the soul?

Deep in, should never be whether sink or swim. Don’t ever let your heart be content, with just floating. For when the heart becomes eMotionless, the love may already be dead. Just a toe in, will test the water, but being submerged; will be the test… proof of a faithful heart. It should never worry about how deep the ocean, but trying to understand true depth. So many say they’re deep in love, but when the tide rises. Fear grips the heart, a soul no longer wanting to get swept away… by love. A heart afraid a true commitment, a soul afraid to get lost… within a tidal wave of true eMotions. So many rely on their emotion to set the stage, but forget that faithfulness; will always be more reliable than raw emotions!

I’m not a scholar, but I do know hot water burns. When you don’t stop to gauge the temperature, of your own heart. Deep in, doesn’t mean over your head. When you truly have a love, that steadies the soul. So many believe, if a heart wants to take a deep dive. It means going off the deep end, with reckless abandonment. But that’s just it, you have to abandon shallow end… in mind thinking. If you truly want the in love, to be a reflection of deeply. Get wisdom, but with all your getting; get the understanding. In too deep, means a heart never wanting to leave that place. A place where a deeper understanding, will always mean a love going… Deeper!


12 thoughts on “Deep In!

  1. This is so philosophical and beautiful. I too am a deep person both in thoughts and in my feelings. I have learned to love with unconditional acceptance and judgement. To me that is the truest form of love. Yes, not allowing one’s thoughts to do the dictating of attachment but to fully give in without fear of reciprocity or of loss. Love is eternally beautiful that way, in my humble opinion. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing❤

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