A Friday Story; The Arrested Heart!

Most hearts believe they’re living free, but yet still not knowing; how to escape a prison, built within their own mind. Even a beautiful mind, can still contemplate. What would become of their heart, if the power of positive thinking. Could control the desired outcome; within mind, body, and soul? How can a heart ever realize true freedom, if thoughts alone are able to arrest the heart? As a child, my heart found solace; living in an introverted world. Alone within my own closed off minded thinking, enamored with me, myself, and I. My heart became the easy target, to what might seem like a victimless crime. Someone trying to make a withdrawal, without first making an adequate deposit. Love was the currency, but my heart was heavily guarded!

A prisoner to a mind always thinking, always twinkling; trying to make light, a vivid imagination. A heart living within my cold world, and those around me… numb to the chaos. So therefore, it became a heart arrested. Locked up in a solitary confinement, by thoughts becoming. Handcuffed to, but not shackled by. Chains fall, didn’t have the power to bind. When a soul is predestined, to live free… of the darkness. A soul learning how to thrive, not just survive. Within a solitary confinement, there was an interlude; a breaking point. My heart was hearing whispers, underneath my breath. It wasn’t a mind going crazy, but a heart learning how to breathe… for the first time. A mind letting go, a heart learning how to take control. My truth has power, my heart with words to resonate. A soul getting a moment, to speak through the voice called love!

That’s the back story, a heart trying to tell the story; love is the storyteller. My heart is just the pen, the love is the ink. The journey is life, but the story is the journey. The best part, started with hands up; then on my knees. It was a soul surrender, the Arresting of a heart; was the humbling experience. A soul face down in the muck, a jar of clay being molded; beauty for ashes. For a heart that never banked, on being a Teller… of stories. A heart coming from living in an introverted world. My heart was never interested, in making substantive withdrawals. I learned from an early age, that the thief comes to steal; but that never bothered my mind. You see, when you haven’t really been given the kind of love, worth depositing. The love isn’t something, my heart could bank on. But unbeknownst to my heart, there was a lover of my soul!

Judge, I throw my soul… at the foot of Your mercy. Sentence my mind, forty days and forty night. Let my heart go free, with time served; within a solitary confinement. I will never again, allow my love; to be confined, but defined. Defining moments within life, to see a mind release, a heart freed. No more walls, the love once locked away… now forever set free. Why the latter, better than the former. A heart no longer enslaved, not to fear; but a captivating mind. I had to let love raid my mind, invade my soul. So that a prevailing love, could set free… a captivated heart. Love, arrest my heart. If an over zealous mind, tries to put a heart set free; into another Solitary Confinement!


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