The Lost, and Found!

Distraction, how you lose sight; of what truly matters. A heart searching, to find what is missing. Even if you can’t find your way, or what direction to take? What is lost, can be found… again. Ask, Seek, Knock; that’s how you get, find what your heart is looking for. When you have arrived, don’t just stand at the door. Enter in, how you receive; the hearts desire. How to truly know, you have found, and the soul can finally stop searching. Even a misfit, even if you’re at odds, and at the end. Hope on a rope, hanging in plain sight; waiting, for when your heart is truly ready… to take hold. Misplaced faith, is hope first found. Lost time, can still be a moment found… to breathe!

Twenty four, seven; and seven days a week. Whatever the need, you have access… to a faithful friend. Seated at the right, waiting to enter in… to a deeper understanding; nothing missing, nothing broken. For when the missing is sought, love; what’s always found. Something missing, is the love claimed; for the heart and soul. To some, a lost and found is just a place; but it’s about the belonging. It’s not about a possession, but the claiming; what is freely given. The getting of what has been stored up, what is waiting to be retrieved… by your heart. The Lost, and Found; hearts intersecting, reunited… in love!


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