Unplug, doesn’t have to mean a disconnect; between heart and soul. Unplug, another opportunity to get reconnected. A moment, to have a heart to heart. Undistracted devotion, two hearts connecting… on a deeper level. So many, believe they’re plugged in; but never notice, there’s not connected. Sometimes you have to disconnect, remove all the distractions; to have a new love connection. Love plugged in, not about feeling the electricity; but knowing the authenticity. Unplug, but never be disengaged… from what truly matters. You can never get a full charge, know the love needs a recharge. Without first knowing, what is a true connect? Not seen through a momentary glance, the peripheral; but a true deep connection!

The heart can get something, from just a partial connection. But the soul missing something sustainable, not being fully engaged. Knowing what is just seen, but not knowing… what can only be felt. Many want to know, the secret to long lasting. My plug, and the knowing is simply this; Deeply Devoted. Sometimes we may seem plugged in, but still unaware. The love is not a real connect, head to heart. You can know turned on, but still not know connectivity. Turn off, can still be engaged. If you know how to stay connected, to what truly binds the love… together. Remove the obstacle, untangle what holds you back, and just connect… for real. In love, we sometimes become unplugged; but we should never let it become, forever disengaged!


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