Love, Upon a Crimson Vine!


A richness so profound, love draped in pure beauty. A love, deeper than a heart can ever express. Deep love, a love so beautiful; on a crimson vine. Whenever the heart feels a drought, the soul never parched, never thirsty, the love… water. A kiss upon the soul, the deepest love; a heart will ever know. With every breath the heart takes, the love… moving, my heart. Deeply, resonating profoundly; with the deepest color of love. Roses are red, violets blue. How can my soul ever be blue, when the love… sweet as a crimson flower. That turned an ebony heart, into pure white rose. A soul enhanced with true beauty, the very moment this crimson love; brush up against my soul. With a heavenly aroma, a scent that captivates… the heart. My soul but a branch, tethered forever… to a love so Divine. A heart knowing an endless bloom, a soul having a true depth of love. Tangled up within a Love, upon a Crimson Vine!


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