The Flame, Upon My Heart

It’s a flame, my heart won’t let go out. It’s a fire, a heart burning; a soul looking to be consumed. It’s a light, a lamp for my soul. The darkness gives way, my heart is not focused… on what’s just seen. The light will never be eclipsed, by the darkest moments. The love within, will always shine brighter. Some days may cast shadows, but my heart will never show even the smallest, residue of doubt. What can block a heart, burning the flame of love? A soul baptized, in a consuming fire. A heart dipped deep within a love, that will never wax cold. A fire that won’t relent, a love in a relentless pursuit… of my heart. A flame that wants it all, heart and soul. The love is the seal, the fire sealed within; but the flame… can not be contained. A love that knows my name, a fire that knows the depth of my soul; but the flame burns, upon my heart. A soul able to walk through the fire, only because of the flame, upon my heart!


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