By Your Side!

Beloved, when you think my love is too far to touch? When you think I’ve left you, and you feel so alone. You’re never too far, that my love can’t know your heart. When you feel I’ve put your love up on a cold, dusty shelf. Just know, when your heart settles. You will truly see, my love has your heart… up on my pedestal. When you breathe, know when my love moves… between every breath. When you feel you’re alone, walking in the dark; stretch out your faith, to take hold of my love. My beloved, when your light shines; you make my heart glow. As far as the East, is from the West. No amount of distance, will make your love; not touch my heart. I know you better, than you truly know your own heart. Don’t think, that I will ever let you down. I will never ignore your soul, while loving on your heart. When you’re down on your knees, my love can’t help but to hover; listening to every breath. I see when your tears, are all bottled up… inside. Whenever you cry, my heart draws near. Hush, dry your eyes; take comfort in my love!

When your heart ties, to get ahead of tomorrow. Just know, today will be the moment; to be embraced in our togetherness. When the days are overwhelmed, and your soul needs a whisper in the dark. My love, is the song in the night. I tell you, my beloved. My love will always be what’s right, when everything else seems so wrong. Only if your heart could always see endless, then your soul would truly know; the unseen depth of my love. Yes, then you would forever see. How much your heart is forever at home, within my love. When the days are cold, let my love be… all the warmth you need. Your love is held so close, tightly up against the breadth my heart. No one, my beloved I tell you absolutely no one; can ever extract your love, from my heart. Though you can only see, from the outside in, and the love seems a bit unclear. Just know this, when your heart can see beyond the shadows. You will truly see how deeply, I’ve been loving you!

Beloved, when you stop to think; that’s when your heart can’t see, I’m still by your side. Take a moment to just feel, your heart will notice the love; emanating from my presence. When your heart feelings lost, and you don’t know if you will find a way back… to my heart? Rest a moment, stay right where you are; my love knows how to find you. Don’t be scared, take your heart; put it in the care of my love. Let me show your heart, my love is so much deeper than you know. Oh my beloved, you may not always feel it; I have you by the heart. When you can’t see my love, look deep into your soul; our hearts are forever one. Your Father’s Love, is Forever… by Your Side!


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