Beyond, My Dreams!

In my younger days, I used to be a dreamer. The most popular dream, how to be heard, not just seen? Yet, most days in the stillness; it was a heart day dreaming, alone in the silence. A heart young, restless; but at the same time, a soul being stirred within. My heart dreamed dreams, but the vision; my soul couldn’t yet decipher. How could a young heart understand, that one set of footprint in the sand; meant a soul being carried, to meet up with a love destiny? To see true love face to face, that was the dream; see it in its truest form. That was the vision, my heart so desperately tried to see. But day after day, year after year. My heart just found itself, locked in another day dream. I know, that some might call it; “just the heart of a dreamer. But deep down I knew, someday my dreams would become my reality. For even though, young hearts can’t see clearly, my heart held close, my visions of love!

So, why keep dreaming, you ask? You see, within my very being. What resonated so resoundingly, whispers of love. How can a vision come to pass, without a heart first knowing how to dream? A dream is the seed (substance), the vision what is seen (evidence); that it was not just a dream. A heart not yet ready to see, could never ready to behold; a stunning vision of love… it produces. When the love was unveiled, it was no longer a dream; but a breathless vision. A heart wide open to know, that the footprints means; Your love was carrying all my dreams. Your love, what always seemed to capture my imagination. Your heart revealed to be the place, where my soul was always hiding. Whenever I seemed lost, within a day dream. But, it was what my heart needed. For my soul to now know, and see clearly.

The love more than a dream, beyond just a vision. A love forever, always; everything. A love felt, every time it touches; the deeper places of the heart. Moving, within rhythm of every heartbeat. There’s no need, for anybody to pinch me; my soul knows the love is real. I wasn’t just dreaming about a love that could be, but the life I have found therein. The confirmation, forever etched within the crevasses of my heart. The very essence, of what true dreams are made of. My heart has dreams, but every day the vision; living within the breadth of Your love. Nightmares don’t keep me up, but my soul would absolutely toss and turn all night. If at the end of my days, this love wasn’t forever, and a day; but still Beyond, My Dreams!


11 thoughts on “Beyond, My Dreams!

  1. My heart just skips a beat reading your words Warren. So true and heartfelt for our Lord and Savior, God in all his glory and what has been bestowed upon us. It’s so beautiful. You capture it with such passion and intensity. Thank you, thank God for you🙏❤

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