The Island!

Here I stand, but never alone. What I see, love times three. But, that wasn’t always so. I was born fighter, learned early how to become a survivor. There was a battle, that was waged for my soul. The love, my heart learned to wield; what broke down all the barriers. My heart charted a course, but unbeknownst to my soul; I wasn’t the captain of the destiny. Everyday, my heart set out; trying to find the perfect hideaway. A soul living, but a heart feeling like a castaway. Bankrupt was the heading, shipwrecked the ultimate destination. A true heart to heart encounter, will never produce a soul forever changed; if you’re still lost in the dark. Sometimes, you have to be alone; to know when you’re no longer lost. My heart was never once stranded, living in an isolated place; of my own choosing. The set sail daily, to conquer the unknown. Many days, it was a heart getting through… an introverted see. No man is an island, but therein; a boy found the escape, to my deserted island. Alone, with my vivid imagination; but underneath the quiet, a friend hovered. My island, the place I found my heart… surrounded; by an ocean… of love!

The calm, within every gentle whisper. Underneath every breath, in the deep silence; there was a river… flowing. On a desert island, a heart can feel absolutely parched; a soul with a constant thirst. In the silence a heart wondering, am I still heard? In the void, would I lose my voice? My heart, didn’t wash up… on the shore. My soul was washed, knowing for sure… what is saved. Your love, forever the island; in the middle of my soul. Chasing after the wind, is meaningless. Chasing after Your heart, where the true meaning of love began. This one tree, the palm, the branches; a heart living within the divine, what leaves a soul covered. My heart finding a shelter, to embrace… every wave of emotion. Into the sunset, into the depth you see a new horizon. Into Your heart, where you find heaven. Alone in the presence, love all around; moving breathlessly through the soul. Deep into the sand, times spent to truly understand; the footprint in the sand!

Oh fire… would, you forever burn; if I touched You so deeply. The peace I have found, the truth I hold dear. It’s love and favor, for a thousand lifetimes. Favor goes before me, the love shines upon me, the reign is forever, and the breadth… overwhelms me. A heart found by grace, a soul rescued by such a graceful heart; with a love so gracious. A heart, that has captured my gaze. A soul no longer worried, being capsized by any more doubts. A heart never contented, to let the mindset be island time. When the days we live in, are borrowed time. Substantive living, when patient grounds the heart; and love the true virtue. The island, where I didn’t need anything; but love on the divine my soul sees. When my heart needs to see the love, I don’t have to go out to sea; just a look within, where it will always be. The island, within my breathless sea… of love. Now I’m living out my days, loving on every tomorrow; with my island girl, by my side!


15 thoughts on “The Island!

  1. “An Ocean of Love” w o w….
    Resounds with “You are loved more than you know, by a God, who made the very ocean filled with love that surrounds the island, sending divine waves to crash to the shore in hope you hear the waves of invitation, to come into the deep, to trust and let him cover you with all he has dreamed of giving you since the day he formed you in your mother’s womb” I love reading your beautiful posts, blessings! I also nominated you for Outstanding Blogger Award!!

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  2. Warren you words always touch my soul so deeply, the isolation or living on an island one of my own creation. Learning how to really love and understand the important things of life. Being an island dweller is not always easy but at least within those confines life is easier surrounded with an Ocean this being God’s Spiritual Love lapping on to my shores, loving, guiding and holding me secure. Bless you Warren and your lovely Lady.

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  3. “With your island girl right beside you” and this line really hit me too, “sometimes, you have to be alone; to know when you’re no longer lost”. For we are never truly alone, we know that because of God’s love and ours for Him we are always supported throughout it all and there within lies truth❤❤❤

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