The Way, and The Sway!

The days, they have such a sway. Hearts getting in the way, souls getting tripped up. The direction, the day; swaying into a darkened path. The day trying to break your spirit, but the heart still not swayed. The stand up, stand out; stand in the gap. To be, or not to be; a light under a bushel, or on a hill? You want to cry, but the tears don’t break away. The take away, what has your affection? A heart not captured, by the getaway. A soul still swept away, love forever leading the way. My heart, my way; will never be the better way. Heart, don’t be swayed by the madness. Soul, don’t lose your way. Though sadness looms, peace is always found… in the stillness. A swayed mind, what tends to get all the blame. But it’s a wayward heart, that will always lead the soul astray. A shadow will cast, that’s what it does. Doubts come to sway, but they should never blur the way. Why, we shouldn’t chase after just a reflection. A heart and soul can’t be truly be authentic, if the love is easily swayed.

The way of the wind, or a soul swayed by the breadth… of a gentle whisper? What breaks through the silence, what moves; underneath every breath? Don’t let your heart be persuaded, don’t let your soul be swayed; to abandon the way, the truth, the life. Don’t be swayed, by what happens along the way. Look up, when one footprint is all you see. So, your heart can be enlightened. To know, that in the stillness; dwells the presence, where true hope is found. My endearing sway, love found in the midst… of a truly overcast day. The right way, the wrong way; my soul follows the only way, to get through the day. A love deeply felt, is a love freely given. What gives love, truth; what strengthens the love given, how it’s truly embraced. A beautifully dressed up love, never truly cover up what’s flawed; without substance. Know the proverbial, but unswayed by the rhetorical. A love forever laid bare, seen in a heart truly transparent. The beauty, what begets the radiance. The true light of love, what outshines any kind of darkness. God’s love, The Way, and The Sway; what my heart forever cling to, when the day is the darkest!


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