The Capture!

Can I paint you a picture, can my heart draw a portrait… with words. What my heart gets to express, what will be revealed; The Capture, within a heart. It’s been said, it takes twenty one days to form a habit. But this picture, was centuries in the making; before breath was even part of the picture. But, when life was breathed upon; instantly, my heart was captured within the masterpiece. Then slowly, and clear; the imagery is realized. So vivid a picture, what you will see start to take form. Can you yet see, it’s a picture to be treasured, a true work of art. What’s to be admired, the heart of the one; who imagined such an artistic creation. The majestic creation of love, that’s where the focus should be placed. Within the right light, with the perfect reflection; how the shimmer glows, upon the canvas. Even if you see flaws, even if seen through a tainted lens. The design, truly nothing less than perfection!

Picture this, not even the Mona Lisa’s beauty, could ever compare. Nor could Michael Angelo, capture the essence… within. Let me paint some more, just so you can; live this experience with me… stroke by stroke. I need your heart to see, what I’m truly trying to convey. But, before I continue to paint the picture; let me sketch out the parameters. You have to see beyond what’s on the surface, to understand the true breadth. Are you starting to see, the picture I’m trying to paint? A picture is a thousand words, but this picture can never be truly captured; within my limited words. This picture reveals the truth, to what my heart cannot hide. A symbol of hope, it creates. But even more than that, may it truly resonate; as, a true picture of Love. You might wonder; “what’s love got to do with it?” But that’s just it, love is at the very center… of this capture!

Perhaps, I need to break it down some more. Left me frame it, package it with this. Love is the true essence, to what forever moves the heart. Essentially, love is the very thing; that inspired creativity. Love is truly poised, and the amazingness so stunning; seen through the heart… of the creator. A picture, in the picture; the beauty exchange, what makes it a true wonder. When, you let your heart be a canvas; brush your soul up against a love, unveiled becomes the true beauty. So, are ready; to buy into a love like this? Hang this picture of love, above your heart. Hang it in plain sight, for all to see; and never, let it hang in the balance. Let the picture, moves you to tears… every time. I can paint the picture of love, but the question is; can you see yourself, in such an awesome picture? As for me, and my heart; what’s in the picture, has been settled. Yes, “it is finished!” The Capture, of a soul… in love!


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