What Can I Do?

Being quiet, doesn’t mean my heart don’t have a voice. Sometimes, my soul just can’t help being speechless. Being still, doesn’t mean a heart not forever moved, being alone in Your presence. Being lost for words, doesn’t mean You don’t hear what my soul has to say; underneath every breath. How can my heart not soar to new heights, when You are the wind; that can take a soul, beyond the stars? With Your love in me, my soul should truly know no bounds. How can my heart, not want to know the true length, and the breadth of Your love? When at hello, You already had my soul… breathless? I know a little bit of this, know a little bit of that; but nothing will never compare, to knowing You as my everything. How can I truly fathom the depth of Your heart, when Your love is so deep? Just trying to get there, my heart and soul can’t seem to stop drowning. How do You do, what You do; handle me so gracefully? What can I give You, when giving of my heart; is just the start? What can I say, when my words are not even enough; to express what my heart, is desperately trying to articulate? What can I do, to repay a love that’s worth so much; when I have nothing but a heart, validated by a price only You can pay? What can I bring, when You’re the one that bring a bottle, to our every encounter? Bottled up emotions, how You found me. But now, in a bottle You catch every falling tears; from a heart being, so profoundly moved. What Can I Do, what can I truly say; when Your love, is what eclipse it all!


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