The Spoken!

Speak, let the manifested be imparted to reflect the created. Speak, let emptiness be words taking form. Words, spoken to become what’s no longer empty. Words have authority, power within the spoken word. Speak, and light will be. Speak, let love become the true empowerment. Speak life into words, to see what will become. Speak, and let the faith therein move the heart; overcome what becomes a mountain. Lips speak, but the heart espouses the spoken word. Speak, to see what it shall produce. Listen, to know what has become. In verbatim, love reaffirmed in a beautiful exchange. Passionate are words, truth spoken with confidence; but with love that can truly enlighten. A heart with words, a soul the voice therein. Let it be words spoken in truth, to empower. A heart learning the art, of not judging every word; without truly listening to what’s being said!

Words can be mistaken, when partially becomes the only filter. You can say what you mean, try to mean exactly what’s said; only to have it come out wrong way. The interpretation, in need of a little more clarity. Words can move, can even make tears fall; through what’s being felt. Even if, speech never enters the conversation; speechless words have a motive. Actions speak, as if a thousand words were said. Speak, not to see time stand still; but so your heart can carefully use the time, already in existence. Spoken word, will always have a motive; to provoke a reaction. May love be at the forefront, edification as the intended motive. On the tip of the tongue, let love be the substance. So, let your heart speak; for God is listening. Then, let your soul be still. For, underneath every breath; His love is moving. A heart has much to say, but not even a soul can find words. When being in the presence, becomes such a profound breathtaking moment? A soul searching for The Spoken, for a heart left in awe!


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