You don’t need to adjust you, conform to what others believe you to be. Their validation, can never confirm your worth. The Just, live by faith. So Just, be you; the best version you’re meant to be. Not Just once… a day, but always, forever. A heart that never quits, is a soul that will never stop believing. Just the gusto, catching that second wind; not what a soul truly free needs, to soar forever. Just imagine, being able to live with such vibrant wings. A soul soaring so high, above the heavens. You can be swift, and strong; endure much until the end. But question this, what place will be the finish? A thought for the heart to ponder, but be a soul living to know the true wonder. Breath, how a heart knows living; but experiencing the breadth of life, becomes a soul knowing the truth in the forever. Can you only imagine, knowing the very moment; when the true breadth of love, becomes transforming? Imagine, fear having no power… to enslave. True freedom, not of the mind; but heart and soul!

Understanding the gravity, in every situation. You have to take, every thought captive. Just Imagine, boldly face every tomorrow knowing; when you get there. Hope is anchored, by the faith you find therein. Just say, speak, and let your heart truly believe. To know, what’s more than Just a thought, beyond Just wild dreams. Imagine you, knowing being truly made. Creative, Just a part of what was meant to be; Just saying. Words, in a heart endowed with truth; by the power of three. A-Just, is knowing this. A vivid imagination can become a tainted lens, if not balanced by an enlightened love. Truth will adjust a lens, to become a justified perspective. Live with purpose, to A-Just; mind, body, soul. A soul living the reimagined, a renewed way of living. To walk each day gracefully, a heart faithfully needs to be adjusted; to live everyday vertically. Hope found daily, will rest fully on truth. Faith embedded deeply, will become peace empowered. So when unprecedented comes, no adjustment to faith will ever be needed. In God, how you forever find; A-Just!


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