Love, the Ocean!

A heart wants to know, a love deeply moving. A soul that can fathom, love encompassing the deepest ocean. A love with a depth so deep, the overflow runs into the deep places. A love that floods the soul, drowned in the depth becomes the heart; living breathless. A heart not wanting to be left, gasping for each breath. A soul trying to live, in a love feeling shallow. To be taken even deeper, what should forever be the heart’s desire. A love that feelings, like an overwhelming tidal wave; but yet in the midst of the blissful calm, it becomes a heart swept away. A thirst quencher, a love that’s so refreshing. That even when a moment, becomes a desert experience. The love will still more than satisfy, every parched crevice within a thirsty soul. A love that pours out like rain, drenching a soul from head to toe. An ocean of love so captivating, the heart will never feel shipwrecked. Love the anchor, to keep your soul forever drowning. A heart submerged fully, within the depth of the love. A soul seeking, to fathom the greatest treasure; Love, the Ocean!


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