Whenever you get lost, trying to navigate your heart through the fog; take heart! The journey through love, have a way of causing a Constant pain. The love feelings so real, but you just can’t tell if what you see is true? So many hearts, get involved with playing a strategic head to head chess game. You can have the best moves, and the strategy not be impressive. The love not truly impressed, embedded deep within. Love will forever be about the authenticity, of the tool found within… the chest. You can think, you’re well positioned in life. Yet forget that you have to position your heart, to be in the long game. For always, to truly become forever attained, you start with the end in mind. Love will always give a heart, Constant reminders. Alarm bells going off, only for a soul to Constantly hit the Snooze; wonder why you Lose… in love. Even though, every heartbeat knows the definition of Constant. The love has to be defined as Consistent, faithful, always, forever. Don’t lose heart, when love finds a momentary fog!

Love, not a natural born talent; love lives every day, to become a true performer. You don’t need Lights, or a Camera. To understand that love, is seen in the Action. Love needs your Constant focus; and will unapologetically demand your heart, be at attention. Feeling the desire to Constantly please, a heart mostly smitten. Probably Constantly speechless, by the taking of every breath. Love can be quoted, as being famous; the acting on point. But, what will the reaction; when the love becomes so infamous? Do you share some of the quoted wrong doings, with anyone willing to listen? A heart, meant to play in the true love story. But, the action of love has to be pure; for the story to be loved, until the end. Love withers, when not given the opportunity to flourish. Love requires your Constant attention, to the details. Love, not striving to become a Constant professional; but thriving to be Constantly professing, that the love will be unconditional. When the distance between, is overcome by the miles. Do you bridge the gap, or wallow in the troubled water; stagnated under the bridge? Drifting down a lonely river, what becomes the love; not having within it the true breadth. Whenever you get lost, trying to navigate your heart through the fog of love. Take heart, and place it within; God’s loving care!


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