Love; the Aroma!

Your love, what gives my soul the know how; to define what’s in real contentment. It’s not just a state, it starts with the knowing. You can have a feeling, but not know the true presence. More than just a feeling, there has to be the deeper understanding. A heart can feast on love endlessly, but yet the aroma still be unrecognizable. You can be given much food for thought, and not know the application; that gives it true substance. Love can be in the air, but to understand the true breadth; a heart needs to know what, makes it the air you breathe? The true aroma of love is distinctive, can get mixed up sometimes; because the soul was never truly stirred. Even if the love gets shaken, beauty is in the rediscovering. If the sweet aroma of love, doesn’t move a heart to tears; something therein is missing. Love will never be a tasteful flavor, until you know what gives a heart favor. To know the true essence, will forever be? You have to first taste, and see. Even if, the aroma is freshly baked; the love for can still be easily forgotten. If the soul doesn’t always remind the heart, what truly makes the love… unforgettable? True love, will never be about self pleasing; but the selfless giving. When the aroma, makes its way past the heart feeling; into the soul, what makes you a true believer. A heart truly has nothing, unless accompanied by the sweet aroma of God’s love, the sweet tasting fruit of the truest love. The aroma His love, what will linger deeply… forevermore!


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