As it Is!

As it Is!

As it is, the here, and the now. In this moment, in such a time. Let not your heart be swayed, when the day brings a darkened hour. Even though, therein lies the heart of love. What was, what is; what needs to still be, your soul can find rest in thee. Hope, was made to be found. Look in the horizon, look underneath every breath. Look deep within, to know the true, I AM. Even in a time as such, the dance of love can do so much. You don’t need to strike up the band, to raise a hallelujah. To let the world know, on a solid rock you stand. Let the darkness know, you have a light; shining through a radiant being. For when the things of earth, grow strangely dim; heaven will be the everlasting afterglow. In the stillness, within quietness of soul; no heartache, no pain. As it is, may hearts not be clouded, by what may come to cast shadows. May we forever lay our fears, to find your love laid down, waiting for every soul to have. A heart finding peace, a soul knowing nothing else… but jubilee. As it is, let this place be where sickness bows. As it is, let restored hope be unprecedented. As it is, may shouts of praise abound. Resound, breathtakingly like an angelic song. As it is, let words be true; and the word of truth be fulfilled. Though we don’t yet see, may it be hearts with the confidence to believe; Your Kingdom has come. Heart unveiled, to see the glory revealed. As we are, may we come humbled. As we become, may we truly be grateful. As You find us, may Your love find a soul faithful… at Your heart. In the ending, every knee the bow, and every tongue the confession. Oh, Lord; Your love will be the forever reign. On the earth, As It is… in heaven. May it be so!


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