Oh My!

Oh My, Your love just won’t let my heart be… alone as I gaze into your forever. You won my heart, right from the very beginning; my soul took its first breath. Your love is so soft, a tender blanket of warmth. So gentle, likened to a delightful summers breeze. Your love is the wind, that won’t endlessly stop blowing away my heart. To catch a second wind, is to become breathless in the moment. How my heart would forever be lost, if Your didn’t always know exactly where to find my soul. I swear, and the hope is to die; lying deeply within the love, in the sweet embrace. I’m absolutely positive, that there will never be any negative; trying live breathlessly. Being in love, possible only because of the fall. So therefore, why shouldn’t I absolutely tell the world; I’m in love? Yes, I swear; I’m not tripping. I fell… hard, it was because of Your heart. I’m not a liar, yeah, sure; I sometimes avoided the truth; Your love’s everything, my heart will ever need. There can be no true living, without You being the air!

Oh My, Your love has my wings. On the breadth of Your love, how my soul takes flight. Into the heavenly, to what lies beyond thought. I have a big heart, and even though some days; it seems a bit too heavy. That’s when, I know You got me; because You never failed to get me. At the end of days, Your love is always well able, to lift my spirit. You are My heart, You are My soul. Even when tears, becomes part of the outside forecast. Your love is what, will forever reign on the inside… of my heart. Even when, the night is holding on to my eyes. Every day, Your love is what always wakes my soul, so my heart can have an enlightened day. Oh my, just getting another chance to know Your heart; goes beyond words. Your love, will never let me down. For whenever, I look into Your heart. I can see forever, how; Your love has always been so amazing. Oh My… heart!


8 thoughts on “Oh My!

  1. A beautiful portrait you’ve painted here with words showcasing the best of love’s offerings. This post’s essence paired with the full moon outside is Heaven sent Warren🙏🌠🎆

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