Lost, in Your Heart!

Lost in the breadth, a soul breathless in the stillness. A heart trying to see, to what height? How can a soul fathom anyone, without pursuit being true… understanding? Even a devout textualist, can be a soul confined, by a legalistic heart. Chains won’t completely break, when the restraint become, a heart and soul conflicted. Be lost, within my heart, or in Yours? A heart, can never know how deep the love. Without being deeply lost, in a deep dive exploration. Therein, lies the deeper question; what the heart truly looking for? The true measure of a heart, will always expand. When you go beyond, knowing just the width, the depth, the length. Pure truth, will always have a deeper meaning. When deeply lost, begets every breathless encounter. With every enhanced experience, every found breadth becomes greater. A heart, not needing to hold every breath. A soul realizing, life becomes much more profound, with every new found breadth… of love. Without there first being a loss, to what a heart holds dear. Love, the crimson color. Not a shade thereof, too faded for it to be a heart truly recognizable. Staying lost, in love forever to be. To what degree, determine if there will be an equal, and no rival. We all love the fall, but the gusto that once; seemed like such a memorable feeling. Passed because it was, just another colorful autumn day. When the day gets cold, being found nested in the of heart love; will continuously heat the passion. To know what truly first made it a heart, the place you needed to be… found forever lost!


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