Song Inspired; Be Alright!

Do you, feel the world is broken? Do you, feel the shadows are deepening? Do you, feel the tide unprecedentedly rising. There’s a love, a shining light; a presence that will silence, conquer every fear. For every shadow, that wants to cast a doubt. For every feeling, that wants to break your heart. For every tear, that wants to capsize your faith… for a brighter tomorrow. Hush, let your peace be still. A love to embrace, when heartache and pain. Makes it so plain, your soul what it wants to claim. But, Love has a name. With it, a heart can confidently proclaim. With my soul, it is well. My heart, will be alright. From every battle, wanting to make the heart turn. A heart on the run, can find a hiding place, within wide open arms. A soul finding a comforting release, for every bottled up tear. Chains break, when a soul knows the Sure; the place where a heart first believes. An ocean of love, will be worth being drowned; A soul living within the deepest love? The unfailing breadth, of God’s love. In the darkness, through every trial. God’s love will forever be, the faithful friend. The promises true, the love deeply secure. Captivator, of the searching heart. When the day comes, with all the testing. Let all the stressing, be turned into a resounding blessing. In every dry bone, His love can put back, whatever’s missing. Restore, whenever seems broken pieces. Todo va a estar bien (everything, will be alright). Even when you don’t see it, the love is forever moving. Even when you can’t feel it, the breadth will be a mind blown. Even, if you don’t believe it? The love, will be undeniable, and the power forever!

Song excerpt: “Father, You say everything will be alright. But my circumstances say, I won’t make it through the night. I need Your word to hold me now, to pull me through. I need a miracle, a breakthrough; Father, I need You. They say, You hold the whole universe in your hand. My world’s falling apart, like it’s just made of sand. Am I small enough, to slip through the cracks? Can you take my broken pieces, and put them back? Give me faith to believe, You’re forever by my side. Open my eyes to see, your love working in my life. Let the past be a reminder, You have never failed. Tell my soul, it is well.”

This song inspired, be alright. Is a silky smooth gospel song, by Evan Craft, Danny Gokey, and Redimi2. The song was released in 2020, and for those who haven’t heard it? I highly recommend it. We’re in the Christmas season, and 2020 has been an unprecedented eye opener. But most of all, may it have been a heart opened; to a realigned perspective! In the picture, I wanted to encourage hearts. I included a few words, with a different language translations! Have a blessed weekend!


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