The Rapture!

Caught up in the presence, caught up to be in the moment. Caught up, living in the rapture of You. A heart, invited be in the radiance. A soul transfigured, living breathless in the enlightened. Every moment, a heart knowing eclipsed, by the love therein. A soul profoundly captured, being transformed by every breadth. In love, by love, thy love; forever, and a day. A heart, and the forever be, raptured in thee. A heart moved so to this, tears in the bliss. A soul feeling the rhapsody, the Divine kiss. What, no heart should ever miss. In the revelation, breath becomes finished; life beginning anew. A soul, overjoyed living in the reign. To be, forever at the feet of love. Living, forever at the foot Your heart. A heart, not living by emotions. A soul, not just going through the motions. But, to be a heart and soul tethered joyfully; living in an undistracted devotion. The loving gaze these eyes, forever amazed this heart. In love for a lifetime, praise be the true lifestyle. A heart delighted, a soul invited; into the heavenly. A love to fly free, a soul set free. A heart soaring, on the wings of love; caught up in the rapture… of You!


16 thoughts on “The Rapture!

  1. Jacob worked 7 years for Rachael. And he loved her so much it seemed like only a few days.

    Speaks volumes of how we should love Christ.

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  2. Although every single post hits home for me, there are always a few sentences that really stand out this time it is “A heart, not living by emotions. A soul, not just going through the motions. But to be a heart and soul, living joyfully; the undistracted devotion. ” …………I love these words!

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