To The Point!

Being pointed, not about walking around; acting like nothings wrong. It’s about trusting, that everything will be made right. Having sight, blessed with true insight. Will always eclipse hindsight, when the vision, becomes an enlightened 2020. Where I find the might, to continue the fight. Faith, will always come under fire. My heart, will never try to escape the flames. Every day, becomes another test; in whom You put your faith. Even when, a disastrous situation comes trying to consume. Show you’re a soul always on fire, a heart already consumed; with a burning desire. I don’t run from the fire, but run into a graceful embrace. To sit, at the foot of love. To admire the true beauty, and cast every care. A heart quietly breathing, a soul overwhelmed to know what resounds. A heart so loved, beyond words. I know, my friends. Sometimes, we get to a point; find ourselves pondering the pointed question. Why, does the days have seem to become, a seemingly pointless faith exercise. But, even though the fire burns hotter; let not your faith, become a heart singed. We may not understand, God of Grace, is faithfully working out the details. There’s always a point, to what seems as sheer madness!

So much going on, in my world, the world. But God, this remains forever true; this world needs You. Even though, our hearts may lose sight of the road. The journey is a heart focused, faithfully walking every broken road. The only bright horizon, my heart sees with every new dawn. Getting caught up, in the rapture of You. Hearts, have become so pointed. Only Your love, can clearly point the way to true freedom. Even though, it’s met with a wayward point of view. “Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be.” One thing is true, living water, can only fall afresh. When a heart, and soul has a thirst for more than just, an everyday reign. Here’s the point. Why fear, every corrupt thought? When it’s an indifferent heart, that will forever keep a soul in chains. Bread of heaven, breadth of God; we need You to breathe. Show every heart, life begins, and ends with You. And if, oh Lord; You need a vessel? Let it be Your love, breathed through me!


9 thoughts on “To The Point!

  1. Faith is what we need to know that you are going to make it at the end of the day. God will always step in to save the day. God is always working on the details and the path may not make much sense until you look back and seen how far you have come and survived it. Trying times for everyone and we all have to turn our faith to God and then we make a huge difference. Bless you Warren beautiful inspirational words.

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