Beautiful King!

Beautiful King, what can I do for You; what kind of gift can my heart bring? Gold, frankincense, and myrrh; the wisest of all. So, what can a shepherded heart bring? What can I do, what can my soul ever bring; to the heart of a King? My heart has a song, that my soul wants to sing. For You my heart has a dance, a lyrical dance indeed; for my beautiful King. A heart, poured out in love. A soul, lifted up to the heavens above. For only onto You my King, will my soul be poured out, like this. What can I do, what can my heart forever do; for such a beautiful King? How can I thank You enough, when words are not even enough? When every heartfelt word, gets so lost in just a gaze. Lost in Your heart, a soul captivatingly amazed, that it’s breathless for days. What can a heart truly to do, when you have encountered, a love deeply felt. A heart melting into You, discovering what will become, of every breadth. You’re so good, so I promise to be faithful to thee. My love promises to be, the truest it can be for You. Your love says, I don’t have to do a thing. But for my heart, that simply won’t do. My every breath, all my heart, all my soul. Onto You, Beautiful King; all my love, unto You I truly bring!


14 thoughts on “Beautiful King!

  1. Oh Warren, how lovely! “My heart has a song that my soul wants to sing” is my favorite line. We can all strike a chord within that song like a rising chorus of creation giving our love to Him. The mighty king who brings us through it all. What else is there to give but our love ❤❤❤

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