A Story; Man of Mystery!

In every heart, therein lies a story. A heart, can get exposed. When the love within, bares the soul. The look away, from love; a heart will miss the takeaway. In love, act once, will negate the second scene. Love, needs to be intimately seen. A man of thought, is a heart, thoughtful; considerate to always remember. Love, not just about a feeling, but being a man of action. A heart known, breathlessly seen standing, in the gap. A heart of a warrior, a soul reckless; breaking down all barriers. They say, life’s what you make of it. But, I say; life’s what, you profoundly make it become. People say, “beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” But, when it boils down to it, and if truth is told. We tend to see, life through our own rosy colored lens. Forgetting, life’s but a breath. A journey, an adventure in the making. If, we choose to adventure out, of what’s comfortable. To let your heart, embrace the precious moments. We have to, seized the day; take every stolen moments captive. To be, or not to be. A heart, forever arrested. A soul, no longer living, enslaved to passing fears. But chained, to the independence. A heart, not letting the unconditional love… be a daunting mystery. The love not becoming, a heart hiding; within a mysterious cloaking device… fear. But free, to cast a wide net, that shows what the love is worth. A heart, crosses a defining line. When, the love becomes defined. A heart connection, doesn’t mean perfection. The love language, becomes understood. Not, when words are said; but, when the heart is heard. The mysteries of love, not following this, or following that; but follow your heart. It shouldn’t be a mystery, when it’s time; to give the best of your heart. Spy out the land, but take every thought captive. Avoid, a bad report; someone else’s fear. Then, the mysterious truth will be known. How a heart and soul, found forever… in love!


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