The Concealer!

The flaws, what we try hard to hide. The heart, trying to seem perfect, within an imperfect world. So, the heart keeps it secret. What, should be deeply applied; only sometimes implied. Love, I could show you, but; would rather just make it up. What’s, not so easily complied; kept, neatly tucked away. What needs to be revealed, concealed; a heart in disguise. Covering the hurt, concealing the pain. We wink, to cover up the wince. The play, for a jar made of clay. Don’t, let anyone see you blink, to give your soul time to think. Suppress your feeling, or become a heart exposed… as only human? It’s okay, to not be okay. Beauty, can come out of ashes. The brave-hearted, that shows you can find strength, in your vulnerability. Under the quiet, and in the silence. Be moved, to be bold; showcase your worth. You, don’t have to confess. We’ve all, have encountered mess. Trying to find our best, through every test. To help bring about, a peaceful night’s rest. In a time, where lines can become buried. We don’t, have to let our heart and soul. Become afraid, of living out your truth; your hopes, and dreams. Strong faith, though sight unseen. A heart knowing, a crimson love. The soul, brushed against the breadth. A cosmetic smile, just a veneer. When a heart, tries to seem polished. The soul, emanating varying shades… of love. With, each look in the mirror; things, still not as they should appear. The true meaning of love, it’s found, draped within a scarlet glow. Rather, than being noticed; we pretend, everything is okay. The love concealed, within bottled up emotions. Life, can sometimes seem, like a masked ball. A private dancer, looking for a love; that will slow dance with your heart. Out of sight, doesn’t mean out of mind. Every heart, has an identity, with a destiny. Deeply flawed, seen through the right lens. Reflects a heart, with a purpose, the love beautifully becoming. The Concealer, that transcends!


2 thoughts on “The Concealer!

  1. “The concealer that transcends” boy does that resonate with me. “It’s OK to not be ok” so much of myself had to become accepting of this fact. The healing power of love does wonders for it all ❤ I love this one Warren, so revealing to soul salvation deliverance!

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