Taken Captive!

What, is a heart to do, what can a soul truly say; when love, takes your breath captive? Your heart, arrested. Your breath, held… forever. The soul, embracing the new found captivity. Every day, every moment, every thought, every breath; Taken Captive. The soul, detained; love unrestrained. The heart, captivated; no longer a prisoner, to what holds you bound. True love, is a soul not confined; to become refined, every breath defined. Captured love, every penned up breadth, released. So the days, can be tangible. The years, favorable, and every breath, memorable. No more shackles, your captivator, your captivating love… one in the same. Breadth, held hostage. Will never give a heart, the freedom… to breathe. Just, a soul freed; the ransom given. A heart knowing, the beautiful release, your every breath!


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