The Quintessence!

Your heart, can be the most. Though, the vision not perfect. Love, will never measure up… to perfection. But, should always rise to the challenge, to be an example, of a faithful heart. Life shapes, but love becomes. Words, can be seen as typical. So, when the heart speaks, let the love be known… as practical. A heart, doesn’t have to become intense. For the love, to be immense. How heartfelt is it to know, you don’t have to know; how to breathe well, to know true living. Through every season, another stage, another encore. A heart reliving, another day; acting out your best life. Through, another quintessential, repeat performance. True love, with every breath. Don’t let, it be another act… one; seen too, many times. Leaving the question, to be asked. Love, oh love; where art thou? A house, is not a home; until love, resides there… in the heart. A hill, will never be alive, with the sound of music. Until, your heart begins to sing. Crawl, walk, run… to the front of the line, with vim, and vigor. And, if your heart stumbles? Rise up, everyday; to glean another quintessence. What, your heart will need, to move forward… faithfully? Pursue the day, chase after dreams; but always, let love find your heart… content. To know, the precious moments, we step up. Through every season, we man up. Embrace you, and your heart will embrace the role. Hold it close, and the love will be held dear!

You don’t, need a day; to celebrate your worth. Just a lifetime, to let your heart be the gift, that keeps giving. Your love, doesn’t have to be an ocean. A silent river, can have depth. A heart, being swept away, by a deepening love. You, don’t have to feel special. But your heart, should especially be a heart needed. You, don’t need power, to be the strongest. Even to have, your own undeniable strength. You don’t need, to know how to land the perfect ten. For a heart, to flawlessly demonstrate, head over heels. A soul, doing endless; breathless summersaults. For love, to win, become truly relevant. It needs, to show up on time. The heart, has to want to be there. And the soul, needs to be engaged. So the love, can be even closer. Your love, doesn’t have to be impressive, just impressed… with the deeper meaning. Though, the real struggle; trying to live… up to a lookalike role model. Here’s, my take. The role of a father, about modeling, a good character, not a perceived expectation. Men, you don’t have to be, completely self-assured; for love to thrive, self-contained. Let your love, be a friend. Your heart, known as a true father. Not just a figure, of speech. When, the heart can truly answer; the quintessential question. Love will surely breathe out, the profound truth. Can, the heart of a child know; how deep the Father’s love? True love, in the essence, not just the presence. The picture, doesn’t need perfection; but needs to be seen, in the best light. The personification, the substance, the representation; The Quintessence!

In loving memory, of my baby girl; Justinea Angelina Richards. March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021 – Inspired, by your love!

* Happy Father’s Day! May your hearts, be blessed!


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