A Story; Peeling, Back the Layers!

Love, do you mind, if I just hang around you? Sit here, be still; in the presence, and gaze forever… into your heart. You, will never have to worry. My love, won’t bite. My heart, just wants to feast, on a delightful love. You, won’t ever have to wonder? If I, would monkey around with your heart. But let this, truth be told. In the past, before my soul knew true love. My heart, has gotten in some monkey business. From a distance, my heart could see the love, feel the draw. The love, drew my heart, to swing your way. Swayed my soul, to come closer. I hope, the line doesn’t get twisted. Love, not about what’s on the surface, but what’s inside. Love is a choice, that requires action. Pulling back, the layers. To let the love, become much deeper. Finding the love, that’s beyond words, leaving the heart speechless; priceless. Seeing, not the same as letting it; get closer to your heart. The double take, every breath. This, the heart’s confession. When the heart, gazes upon a special love. Breath, taken, and the soul… waiting to exhale. Even when, my faith in love was green. Love, remained so ripe. For the taking, a hold of the heart. The tree with life, whispering love… into my soul. Telling me a tale, the love, will keep my heart close!

A heart, needs to go out on a limb. So, the soul can know, love as the greatest gain. You, don’t have to go bananas. In the stillness, that’s how you learn. To live your best life, in the moment. Not letting, love slip through your fingers. The heart races, sometimes it chases. But, let the pursuit, be a substantive meaning. In the jungle, called life. I’ve searched high, and low to find. Love, in of itself will resonate, its own profound beauty. It’s made to become, nourishment for the soul. Let, the roots of love go deep. A love that makes, every heartbeat, feel some kind of change. The taking of your breath, to a higher plane. See the one tree, but don’t let your heart, miss the forest. Love, precious in the finding; but deeper, with the giving. The color of love, fresh and vibrant. Decorative in scope, deep like crimson, forever the becoming. A heart knowing, how peeling back all the layers. Showing that deep down, love’s the tastiest passion fruit. Tender, fulfilling; gentle on the heart. Fruits of the labor, not about getting stuffed. But letting love, feed the heart and soul; as you indulge in the breadth. Love, too divine to just throw away. Even, if there’s a slip? Don’t let love become, a broken heart. Let the breadth of love, peel back the veil. To reveal all the layers, within the heart. A love, deeply overwhelming, and forever consuming!


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