I try, to be a simple man, with a quiet heart. Every heartbeat, dances to a simple rhythm. To the beat, or not to the beat. Never the question, when love moves your soul. My heart, knows the simplified melody. To a simple song, the essence in a simplistic verse. I Love You. A soul, indulging in one simple pleasure. Give love, my undivided devotion. Living, in the moment, embraced by the beauty. The slow waltz, to endless love. The breadth, held forever… breathlessly. To know it, is want it. To have it, is to need it. The abundance, that draws you in, holds you close. Moving you, to share the love, without question… if deserved? A fire, what keeps love blazing. The soul from becoming, a heart so cold. The warmth, should radiate a simple love, feeling like a gentle touch. Every day, love drawing the heart and soul even closer. Just, the path where the soul, finds the greatest truth. The purer the love, the less the heart needs to work. For the love, to be justified. How, the heart conquers the day, navigates a complex world. Avoiding the mind feel, letting the heart level the field; whatever enters the battlefield. To make sure, love wins every time. Deploy, just one simplistic thought; Just breathe! Let love, fight the battles, cover up the battle scars. For the days, the heart falls… short of being Just. This, the absolutely must. Don’t try, to justify. Rise up with the dawn, brush off the dusk, pursue the relentless chase. And give Love, Just this; Every breath!


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