Wings, soaring. The canvas, painted with the color of love. The breadth therein, shimmering in the light… of the heavenly. Fear, shadows of the past. Floating away, with the wind. Faith soars, when hope is found. Under the surface, a heart has much potential. But only seen in the open, can the beauty be captured, the love be felt. Love, created to be a beautiful display. Not dressed up, by a fleeting disguise. When, nerves tries to get the best. Through an inner peace, find the courage, to chase the butterflies. Let, your faith rise up, dance like the wind. A patterned hope, shapes an unstoppable destiny. Chasing dreams, how a heart takes hold, of the essence within. The quiet beauty, that makes the soul bloom, the love unfold. The metamorphosis, from what seems expected. To being a heart, knowing the strength; to be beautifully changed. Change, never easy, but necessary, for growth. Lift it up, your wings. A mind transformed, a soul colorful. A heart poised, to lift up everyone. With the inner beauty, the wings of love. The light resonating, the love not swayed; by the ups and downs. Every day, resurrect a prevailing hope. A heart, showing a triumphant spirit. A soul, exquisitely living; your best life, through a love never ending. In the least, show resilience. A heart, graceful, humbled. If, life tries to confine your soul. Break free, of the mundane. A heart, doesn’t have to be majestic. For the love, to be divinely reflective. Catch the breadth, chase the butterflies. Spread the love, show that your heart… has wings!


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