Only, If Love Says Yes!

Choices, what a heart makes, to shape each decision. That paints a portrait, of the true artistry. That a heart is not just made, it’s molded… by love. The heart, takes a breath. When love, lets it exhale. In the darkness, the fog of life, can blind the heart. But, let love be, the song in the night. The persuading light, the ray of hope, piercing the dark. The gentle whisper, heard in the stillness, of your soul. Love, what makes the heart say yes. Even if, the thought a resounding no. Let love be the anchor, the firm foundation. That makes the difference, seeing the truth. Never let love be, just a chance encounter. When love, takes you by the heart, hope will never be lost. In the darkest moments, love will always shine the brightest. What other force, could ever be greater; to eclipse the light… of love? Love says, I got you, I get you, I know your heart. It gives of itself, the true essence within. Love doesn’t tell you, how to live life. It encourages you, to live your best life. Live it true, letting the heart be, love on display. Even, when no words are heard. Love speaks, softly. Holds you, gently. Engages you, always. It’s meant to be held, close to the heart. So it can be felt, deep in the soul. Love, the ocean, a heart hopes to drown in. Every day, be grateful. Knowing, that in every wake. You know how to take each breath, clothed in the right mindset!

Love, will always take you by the heart. Forever look for ways, to feed the soul. Even if, the heart starts down the right path, but becomes a winding road. Even, at the crossroad, a heart not knowing which way to turn. Love reminds you, hope is never lost. Sometimes, we don’t always know which move to make. Just, don’t let love become a game. Heart beats are moving, but the heart seeming the pawn, in a chest game. The true meaning of love, not profoundly valued. As the greatest gift, not kept heavily guarded, but easily yielded. Love, doesn’t just survive, it thrives. The heart, the most valuable tool, in the chest. The heart and soul, in harmony. Every heartstring, an instrument… of a resounding love. Love, says I will do it, be a light. Act, to always show kindness. Love in action, not seen as random. Love says, what I have inside. I will give it, again and again… without question. Give, my very best? Absolutely not. This can only happen, when love says yes. Then, the heart shows up like a warrior. Roars like a lion, becomes a mighty conqueror, for whatever rises up. Love, has the strength to move you, with just the breadth. It’s the lifeline, when the tide tries to take you under. Love, has the power to save. Love, bows to grace. ComPassion the fruit, love at the very core. Hear me please, don’t let a heart have to plead. Mercy said no, so love, could say yes. Love, will never act alone. The heart, has to agree, give permission. Love should be, in the things we do, in the things we say; the thing, what sways. But only, if love says yes!


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